Courier LIFT

Small parcel service with fast customs clearance.

Speed and Flexibility
Late acceptance and early release of shipments mean that your urgent cargo can travel anywhere on our extensive network at any time

Simplified customs & documentation procedures ensuring rapid clearance

Service Description

Applicability General cargo, under 32 kg and 158 cm per piece
Booking Cut-off, before departure 240 minutes
Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure 90 minutes
Cargo & Document Release, after arrival 90 minutes
Special Handling Simplified customs and documentation procedures, as for passenger baggage
Accompanied by courier on board on selected flights
  • Airport-to-door delivery can also be arranged
  • Cargo and document acceptance and release times may vary at selected markets and are subject to local conditions

Additional Information

This fast-track airport-to-airport courier service is provided through our general sales agent, Linehaul Express in selected markets. Full details are available at

We also offer door-to-door express courier service called RPX. RPX provides a choice of 3 levels of service - the RPX platinum, gold and silver services are tailored to meet every requirement of yours.
RPX Platinum Top priority service for your most urgent shipments. RPX staff are on duty 24 hours a day, ready to travel on the next flight out and personally accompany your shipment all the way to its final destination. Guaranteed seats on every KA flight ensuring the fastest possible service.
RPX Gold A premium service to all major destinations in Asia, Europe and North America. Dedicated pickup, customs clearance and immediate delivery for each individual shipment guarantee that your time critical shipments are delivered significantly faster and more securely than ever before.
RPX Silver A high value, high convenience global service for your everyday door-to-door delivery needs.

Full details of these premium services are available at Click here to download our Product Portfolio.